The rich heritage of stunning artisanship and immaculate designs are the highlights of Indian embroidery which has been passed down to successive generations. It is a realm of myriad colours and designs simmered with patience, as against the hustle bustle of everyday life, where everything appears instantly.
The story of the cloth doesn't conclude upon being labelled a grand work of art, rather it speaks of its expedition to an era gone by, guided by the needle through the regional tapestry reflected in its embroidery. It is then the cloth sheds its facade and becomes -an Experience!
AD Handwork helmed by Aruna Das, strives to bring this experience to your life. AD Handwork enriches your creative pursuits through intricate designs which showcase the prowess of the Indian embroidery through different techniques like chikankari, Aari, Zardozi etc.
Quality craftsmanship in our products like embroidered tunics, Indian Salwar suits and Sarees, Scarves, Stolls and Pashmina shawls are our forte.

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