AD Handwork was ded by Aruna Das in 2008 with the sole purpose to get the Indian embroidery and techniques stamped on the world map and revive Indian embroidery techniques . She Is now the Design director , and the business is taken care by family and small family of founemployees.This in process will help the artisans - karigars who are the real heroes behind this beautiful and intricate embroidery sewn on different types of fabric to empower their lives by making a livelihood out of a skill th...

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Haandwork was founded by Aruna Das in 2008 .Over the years, Haandwork rechristened into AD Handwork in 2012 , AD which stands for initials of the founder Aruna Das has found much fervour in the International Market. Initially conceived with doling out exquisite hand embroidery starting with drawing and then making swatches , with sequins and other exquisite Indian thread work, piping, beadwork, it has now broadened its horizons and actering to lot of international markets . As of now, AD Handwor...

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The rich heritage of stunning artisanship and immaculate designs are the highlights of Indian embroidery which has been passed down to successive generations. It is a realm of myriad colours and designs simmered with patience, as against the hustle bustle of everyday life, where everything appears instantly.
The story of the cloth doesn't conclude upon being labelled a grand work of art, rather it speaks of its expedition to an era gone by, guided by the needle through the regional tapest...

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